Saturday, August 1, 2015

More independence

Here's some of what's happening:

  • Baby T is riding less and less in the stroller and pushing it more and more.
  • She likes to push everything--strollers, grocery carts, her push tricycle.
  • I had a strategic error yesterday.  I thought I was going to push her to Starbucks on campus in the Kettler trike we recently got back and get something to eat there.  She had just gotten up from a nap.  Well, Starbucks was closed and it was super hot.  I had water for her but no food and I didn't have anything to eat, either.  Baby T wanted to push the trike home but kept flipping it over.  I wound up carrying her most of the way home.  Oh, yeah, and I discovered at some point that I'd left behind a favorite sippy, a water bottle for me and a big pack of baby wipes, but there was no way that I was turning back to get them.  (The only regret is the favorite sippy--it was a really nice one spoutless one that the dentist had given us.)  Also, Baby T is able to stick her feet on the ground in front of the wheels and impede motion.
  • So, I don't think I will repeat that trip anytime soon, and particularly not during the summer.  We could take the trike in the van to the campus loop and do that.
  • Baby T went to bed this evening without a snack--her choice.
  • She has realized that she can pull her kid chair over to the light switch and turn it on.  So from now on, we'll need to check her room for lights when we go to bed.
  • We may need to consider a night light.
  • Bedtime for Baby T currently involves first dressing critters in her spare pjs and then her being dressed in the remaining pair.  (She zips the animals into her pjs but I need to do the final snap.)  She tries to do as much as she can during the process, even putting her arms into the sleeves.  She also changes her own wet pullups a lot of the time.
  • She also has a thing for restaurant high chairs now.  Only problem--she likes both getting in and out of them.  She also likes pushing them to our table, which is not a problem.
  • One of today's new experiences was Baby T attempting to manage a paper towel dispenser.
  • She also was filling her sippy from a drinking fountain.
  • I have never seen a child so determined to master the adult world.  But she's so small!  And it's so big! 
  • We went to Petco today and Baby T was out of the stroller, so she got to see everything at her pace.  There weren't any kitties, but she got to visit the ferrets, the birds, the little iguanas, and the fish.   

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