Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Here's some of what's happening:

  • C had her final cake decorating class.  She did a two layer chocolate mix cake with (good) store pudding and Wilton frosting.  She took it to class filled with pudding and iced with chocolate and in class, she added red flowers and green stems and leaves.  Her leaves were really good!  We were all impressed.
  • Ideally, I'd just put C in the cake classes until she finished out all of them, but we are all EXHAUSTED by her cake decorating class.  That sounds silly until you realize that my husband made the famous Hershey's cake on Saturday for C's birthday, C had to take two layers in to class on Monday to ice in class, and on Wednesday she needed to bring in an iced and filled two layer cake.  So, the better part of a week has been consumed with hunting up ingredients, baking cakes, cooling cakes, icing cakes, washing up pans, transporting cakes, icing cakes, and disassembling and cleaning equipment afterwards and then doing it all over again in a day or two.  Hence the mix cake, store pudding and Wilton icing... 
  • But, that said, I think we can pull ourselves together to do a class at least once a year, especially if C is able to take over more of the process.
  • We had a surprisingly passionate family discussion on the subject of cupcakes versus cakes.  I'm pro-cupcake.  C and my husband (who are coincidentally the primary bakers in the family) are anti-cupcake and pro-cake.  We united in deploring the cupcake cake.  Blech!
  • Speaking of cake controversies, C may skip learning to do fondant.  No matter how adorable the fondant cakes on Cake Wrecks are, none of us like the taste.  I hear rumors that a better-tasting fondant is in the works, but I'm skeptical.  
  • Now that D has new furniture, D and I went through everything in his room, bathroom and closet.  It looks fabulous!  I'm so tired.
  • Baby T somehow got a bump during her nap this afternoon, so we removed her crib from her room tonight.  Tonight is her first night with just her crib mattress in her room.  So far, so good.  Baby T first started to try to get out of her crib about a year ago, so my husband sawed the legs off of her crib to make falls less dangerous.  That produced a much safer bed situation and bought us a year.  She's mostly stayed in her bed (even though she could get out), but for the last week or two, she's been coming and going at will.  We've been finding her curled up on her carpet or change table first thing in the morning and at the end of naps.     
  • Once the dust settles, we should get Baby T a twin mattress for the floor and some big girl bedding.  For the moment, we'll also probably get her a large laundry basket to keep her stuff handy at night.   

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