Sunday, July 19, 2015

More birthday weekend

Here's more of what's happening:

  • We did a huge trip on Friday that included a recon visit to a climbing wall.  It's shorter than our college wall but has more interesting and challenging surfaces.  We also had lunch at our favorite Indian lunch buffet and then did IKEA.  This was a long awaited trip to finish out D's furniture (we got him his first real bed this spring).  There was lots of thinking and figuring and mapping, but I think we got it right.  We got D a massive Hemnes dresser (now successfully assembled by my husband and D!) and a modest Micke (?) desk and a medium Kallax cube set, all in brown black.  The desk and Kallax cube set are still in boxes, but there's reason to hope that they will be less complex than the dresser, which has six drawers.  Up until now, D's room has been dominated by various cheap toddler storage items, so it's going to be a big step up for him.  
  • The climbing place is on the table as a birthday treat for D for next year.
  • Baby T has been very independent the last several days.  She wants to do everything herself, even if it's not at all feasible.  She eventually lets me help, but only after repeated failure.  
  • On the bright side, her self-dressing is improving all the time.
  • She also likes dressing several stuffed animals in pjs before bed (I get to do the snaps).
  • But it takes forever.   
  • C got a mint version of the classic Hershey chocolate cake for her birthday.  It's very fudgy.  
  • C got her birthday gifts today.  We got her several ukulele books and a couple music theory books (the chord wheel, music composition), several t-shirts coordinated to her interests (horses, Minecraft, Star Trek), a Star Wars Storm Trooper water bottle, a LEGO LOTR game (her daddy's idea) and Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2.  The big kids have been playing the LEGO LOTR game, but Baby T has been interfering.   

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