Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy 4th of July!

Here's some of what's happening:

  • We're just back from one night at Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine (that's near the DFW airport).  This was our second trip--we went last year for two nights for D's birthday.
  • The kids had a very good time in the water park.  D also especially enjoyed the new ropes course with zip line and C also especially enjoyed the Magiquest electronic scavenger hunt.  Of necessity, the big kids had a lot of independence this trip. 
  • I took it easy the first day because past experience is that water parks can be hard on my bad foot.  And this is a very Sad Thing, because I love water parks!  Even in water shoes, all the standing around on concrete in the kiddie pool with Baby T eventually took its toll. (I have some peroneal tendonitis that flares up if I'm not careful.) 
  • Great Wolf Lodge has very generous rules for use of facilities.  So, on a day that you are checking in, you can use the water park starting at 1 and on a day that you are checking out, you can use the water park until closing.  There is some inconvenience in dealing with luggage and wet swim suits and changes without a hotel room, but there is a large pay off--I think we actually managed just about as much fun time with one night this time as we did with two, but it helps to be very familiar with the property now.
  • I started to get some sort of tummy bug our second day, so my husband had to take Baby T after checkout and I just sat in Starbucks and suffered.  That was Thursday and today is Saturday--so there were nearly 48 hours of me not eating normal meals.  But, I think I'm almost recovered.  Not much of a 4th of July, though.   
  • We left Great Wolf Lodge around 2:30 on Thursday and Baby T napped for around an hour in the car.
  • On Friday, Baby T made a "break through" of sorts.  Up until yesterday, she'd been outfoxed by the fact that we removed the zipper pulls from her pjs, so she was unable to take off her pjs and diaper during naps.  (Toddlers invented the nude protest!)  Yesterday, she finally figured it out.  There was no poop-smearing, thank goodness, but everything in the bed needed to be cleaned or laundered.  We also threw out the Little People house.  It was a judgment call.  Technically, we could have submersed it, wrecking the electrical stuff in it, but the ick factor was pretty big.  
  • Current Baby T pj protocol is going to be backwards footless zip-up one-piece pjs.  Recent developments have rendered a lot of her old pjs with feet obsolete...The backward pjs do not fit all that well, but it did stay on last night, so yay!  I'm planning to buy some more footless pjs today if the right store is open.  

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