Saturday, June 13, 2015


Here's some of what's happening:

  • C and Baby T are down sick with a fever.  I had to cancel and reschedule C's cake decorating class.
  • We just finished an intense week of enrichment classes--D went to the morning and afternoon session, C went to the morning session, and my husband taught in both sessions, mostly going early and staying late to get everything working.  Baby T and I got people where they needed to go and spent a lot of time circling parking lots.  Lawdamercy, campus needs more 15-20 minute parking in the worst way.   We have two more weeks of the enrichment courses, but nothing so intense.
  • The kids had a week in WA at the end of May and in a month or two, they'll do a week and a half in lovely British Columbia.  There is talk of a sailing camp in BC...
  • C is doing a ukulele lesson every week and practicing.  She currently has $220 credited to her for a new ukulele.    
  • She will be doing about 8 hours of cake decorating next month.  (And if that goes well, I'll probably put her in more.)
  • Both big kids are doing a couple of fencing classes this month.
  • I'd like to put both kids in a swim course (time permitting) and I'd like to put C in yet another quilt camp (she's done several). 
  • D has been spectacular on the college climbing wall the last week or so--he's like Spiderman.
  • Baby T walks up and down stairs very gracefully.
  • Her grammar and syntax is getting very sophisticated.
  • On the other hand, she's kind of down on pants right now. 
  • I think we'll be getting D the rest of his IKEA furniture soon!

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