Thursday, June 11, 2015

Better late than never, right?

Trying to catch up:

  • We had a week on the West Coast--a couple days in Seattle near Seattle Center with one grandma (thank you!!!) and then the rest of the week on the Olympic Peninsula with other relatives.  The kids and I got to play epic Rook battles with their great-grandpa.  The weather was fabulously sunny.  
  • We had a week at home of downtime and now we're starting three weeks of enrichment classes held on the college campus.  My husband is teaching a computer programming course as part of the enrichment class and discovering why middle school and high school teachers make the big bucks.
  • C is continuing with the ukulele and I've heard her playing We Shall Overcome.  She accrues $2 toward her next ukulele with each 15 minute practice and she now has $218 credited toward the new ukulele.
  • D is taking both a morning and an afternoon class this week.  He has made a big breakthrough with his robotics programming with some help from his daddy.  He's also been enjoying Star Wars novels.
  • Baby T has been shuttling back and forth with me, taking siblings to and from their classes.
  • She is a go-getter in the kitchen.  Today, for instance, I gave her a waffle.  That wasn't enough.  She went to the freezer and helped herself to about half a dozen.  Previously today (I think), she removed at least half a dozen of my Keurig pods from my Keurig pod caddy and tossed them methodically into the trash.  Hey!  

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