Saturday, May 2, 2015

Summer is coming!

Here's some of what's going on:

  • Baby T continues her program of diapering, dressing, feeding and watering her critters.
  • Baby T LOVES the water table at the children's museum.
  • She keeps trying the potty and reading her potty books, but not performing.  ????? 
  • Three more weeks of school!!!!!
  • We all went to a potluck last night.  Baby T was not terrible (she and I have been sitting out potlucks for a while).  She enjoyed the preschooler host's trampoline and playing peekaboo with the host family's cat.  I encouraged C to bring along her ukulele and the preschooler host kid liked playing on it, too.    
  • C is rapidly accruing credit toward her next ukulele.  She's got $172 (?) accrued and that puts her about half-way, maybe more.  I'm not totally sure how much we're going to wind up spending, but we lean toward solid koa wood, which drives your price up quite a bit.  There seems to be a nice selection on the Guitar Center site, so we will probably order in the most promising looking one, try it out in the store, and then buy or not buy.  Hopefully, it won't take too many tries.  
  • The kids and I had a good hunt at Barnes and Noble and Big Lots today.  We found some 75% off Easter chocolates at B&N and then found some discount organic baby food pouches and candied ginger at Big Lots.  The big kids also had a chance to try out a (plastic) sectional at Big Lots and thoroughly approve of the generous size.  Now, to find a leather one that doesn't cost as much as a car...
  • I get the feeling we should be getting the catalog for the big kids' gifted camp any time now.  My husband is going to be teaching in it again this year.  The gifted camp is always the biggest chunk of our summer, so once we are able to schedule that, everything else ought to fall into place.  There will also probably be some fencing for both kids (part of the summer), some swimming for both kids (with maybe a junior life guard camp for C), a quilt camp for C, music for C, cake decorating for C, and a sailing camp for both kids (hopefully).  That's tilted toward C, I know, but C has A LOT of interests and usually wants to do more stuff, so that's how it works out.  If D wants to do more, he can do more.
  • We also have one night booked at Great Wolf Lodge to celebrate C's birthday.  
  • And there will be some West Coast travel for the big kids.   

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