Sunday, May 10, 2015

D furniture ideas

In the next month or two, we are going to be finishing the furnishing of D's bedroom.  He is currently living mainly with odds and ends that furnished his toddler bedroom when we moved to Texas nearly 8 years ago.  He's got a real bed now (an IKEA Malm with drawers) and a very nice set of large painted shelves we got from our sellers, but we need to replace his small toddler furniture with larger pieces, suitable for the growing tween.  I'm not totally sure what pieces we're going to get, but he needs more book storage, some sort of desk, something with shelves (ideally behind doors), and something with drawers.  And ideally, it would only be two pieces...Tough!

I'm still working through this, but one possibility is to get an IKEA Kallax work table with bookshelf cubes in IKEA brown-black plus a Hemnes black-brown solid pine cabinet with glass doors and three drawers.  It's kind of a dining room display type item and ideally I'd like something with drawers below and shelves above behind opaque doors (opaque because I want a place to keep the less decorative stuff), but it's functionally really close to what I want.  I had the thought today that we can use some of the decorative window film that we've used to such good effect the past few years, stick it on the cabinet glass, and voila--an inexpensive and tasteful solution to the problem.      

I'm hoping to have this all taken care of by July, but no hurry.  I do want to get it done before the new school year, though.  

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