Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter morning

Here's some of what's happening:

  • Yesterday, D had a birthday party at a video game place, so C and Baby T and I dropped him off and then went off to do Easter shopping.  We got chocolate bunnies, chocolate eggs to fill plastic eggs for the Easter egg hunt and some spectacular large metallic plastic Easter eggs.  
  • C made us chocolate almond paste-filled crescent rolls for Easter morning breakfast this morning (from those store brand tubes of crescent roll dough).  I woke up to the smell.  Wonderful!
  • Baby T is sick, so no church.
  • The kids were very helpful with Baby T this morning.  
  • C and D each dyed several hard-boiled eggs.  C did some interesting multi-colored effects.  
  • C loaded up plastic eggs with chocolate eggs.
  • It looks wet outside so C and D hid a dozen plastic eggs in the living room in plain sight and at 3 feet high or lower.  Baby T immediately understood the plan and got about half of the eggs with very little coaching.  (Baby T was very good at Easter egg hunting a year ago when she was about 17 or 18 months old.  This year she's been watching the Dora Egg Hunt video for the past month.)
  • Right now, Baby T and I are watching Dora's Egg Hunt video with her Easter basket and the large metallic eggs in her lap.
  • For lunch today, we will probably have our now traditional hard-boiled egg and sausage sandwiches and a slice of the pineapple pecan fruit cake that we have been saving for this occasion.    

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