Thursday, March 5, 2015

School closure

Here's some of what's happening:

  • We've had so many school closures, late starts and early dismissals this winter.  This is the longest winter we've had in Texas and it's not over yet.  We had a closure today.  Fortunately, we haven't had days and days in a row--it's just half a day here, half a day there, and a full day there.
  • Baby T loves Dora.
  • Baby T is getting more and more competent around the house.  She knows where to get straws, forks, spoons, baby dishes, ziplocs, you name it.  
  • We are planning D's birthday party!
  • My husband is ordering fencing gear for himself and both older kids.
  • C's guitar teacher has quit Guitar Center.  Waaah!  She's worked with him for the past 10 months.  On the bright side, C is scheduled to work with a young guitar teacher that also does ukulele (and mandolin and bass), so that could work out really well as I've been planning to switch C over to a 50/50 ratio of guitar and ukulele lessons as of May or June.  Up until now, she's had regular guitar lessons and a total of two ukulele lessons, so hopefully it will work out well to be able to have the same teacher for guitar and ukulele.
  • C is working on "Scarborough Fair" for a school coffee house.
  • C is also working toward a new ukulele.  I've told her that when she's done 50 days with 15 minutes of practice that we will buy her a new one.  I'm thinking a concert ukulele (that's a bigger one).  C took her tuner and was trying out the ukuleles in the acoustic room at Guitar Center.  She says that the more expensive ones are heavier and sound better.  I've told C that our deal does not hold for ukuleles over $100 and that for over $100, we will need to renegotiate a number of practice days.     

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