Monday, March 30, 2015


My husband and the kids did a lot of work on Saturday on the patio.  This time of year, it's quite idyllic out there--not too cold, not too warm, and no mosquitoes yet.  We've arranged Baby T's sand and water table on the patio.

Oh, and our new hammock has arrived!  (The old one wore out from being outdoors for 2+ years.)  We're going to put up the new one on an as-needed basis near the patio.

My husband really wants to eradicate the English ivy that occupies a ridiculous percentage of our back yard (I suspect that there wasn't originally so much of it and that it has been gradually encroaching on the lawn).  However, the internet says that English ivy is invasive and resistant to being eradicated, so we may need to bide our time.  

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