Saturday, March 14, 2015

New bed!

Thanks to D's birthday checks from various grandmas, D now has a new black-brown IKEA Malm bed with drawers on casters underneath and a new IKEA mattress (bed with drawers, mattress and slats came out to $382 including tax).  My husband and D assembled it today.  This is D's first real bed ever.  He slept in a crib in infancy, it got converted to a toddler bed and he slept there until 6, and then for the next four years he slept on a mattress and box spring that are now 18+ years old.  So, a big day for D!

Aside from the new bed, D's furniture dates mostly from our initial move to Texas, and was chosen with the needs of a 2-year-old in mind.  So, it's nearly all about 2 feet tall, max--a terrible waste of floor space.  Within the next half year, I'd like to get him some taller matching black brown IKEA furniture to accomplish the following:  a place to do homework, a place to store books, some closed storage with doors and something with more drawers.  C has a tall IKEA cabinet type thing with shelves behind doors on top and then several drawers underneath--I'd like something similar for D.  Ideally, we'd only be getting another two pieces of furniture.  C has basically all the furniture she needs until college (I hope).  Baby T only has her crib, but her room has lots of built-in shelves and cabinets (it's technically an office), so the next thing she is going to need will be a mattress (we like to start our little people out with a mattress on the floor).   

I wanted to just put the old mattresses on the curb (eww!).  My husband has listed them on Craigslist and already got four interested people, including one person that offered us five whole dollars to deliver the mattresses.

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