Monday, March 16, 2015

Long sentences for Baby T

Here's some of what's happening:

  • Baby T said, "How about I pee?"
  • On D's b-day she said, "Not D birthday.  This is T birthday!"  
  • She pronounces her name "Tee-uh."
  • From time to time, we've been able to do a playground trip on the way to church.  Baby T didn't go to nursery yesterday and was actually pretty good in church, if a little loud.  Fortunately, the sound system was louder.   
  • She is starting to play effectively with Duplos and is finally getting interested in Little People.
  • My husband took the baby feeding seat off the chair.  Baby T is officially liberated!  (Although she actually liberated herself a couple of weeks ago, when she decided that the "high chair" was only for her stuffed critters, not herself.)
  • After lunch today, Baby T surveyed the debris under her seat and said, "Wow!  Tia made mess!"
  • We are officially halfway through the big kids spring term, so 75% of the way through the school term.  Soooooon.  The number of projects this term has been ridiculous.  Why do we need a quarterly Latin project.  Whyyyyyy?

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