Monday, March 30, 2015

Koa ukuleles

Today was C's third ukulele lesson ever and her first official ukulele lesson with her new teacher (he's a real string guy and teaches guitar, ukulele, mandolin and bass).  After her lesson, C gravitated over to the acoustic room and was trying out ukuleles.

Later at home, C and I were doing research on Amazon for her next ukulele, which will be concert-sized.  C wanted to get either koa wood or acacia and I think we're now leaning toward koa.  I think she also wants to go with solid wood.  The current plan is that after C has done 50 practices of 15 minutes each, she is entitled to a new ukulele of not more than $100 (she's around 37 practices now).  We're going to talk to her teacher soon in detail about her next ukulele, but based on Amazon, we should be able to get something very nice between $200 and $300.

If we go ahead with this, we'll have to start thinking about humidifying her room next winter.  It's so dry during the winter months.  

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