Monday, March 30, 2015

Koa ukuleles II

I didn't quite finish my thought.

Both C and I are charmed by the pretty koa grain, especially the curly grains.  The koa wood (which is the traditional Hawaiian wood for ukuleles) is supposed to bring a bright tone rather than soft tone of mahogany.

This is provisional, but my current thought is to say that if C opts for a higher end ukulele, we can let the practices accrue credit at the rate of $2 each--so 50 15-minute practices for a $100 ukulele, 100 for a $200 ukulele, and 150 for a $300 ukulele.  That's not final, but it sounds reasonable.

C was able to play a number of songs for her teacher (including the Star Wars theme) and it sounds like he thinks she is almost done with her book.  Her homework is going to involve work with a metronome--it sounds like her teacher is very keen on the metronome.

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