Friday, February 27, 2015

Dream on!

Here's some of what's happening:

  • We have had at least two days with snow this week and we may have more tomorrow.  On Wednesday, we had the biggest snowflakes I've ever seen--they were more like falling snowballs than flakes.  C just had an academic event tomorrow cancelled because of the weather--they're anticipating freezing rain all night long, plus some snow.  
  • Sometime this week, I was driving with Baby T and Aerosmith's "Dream On" came on the radio.  From the middle seat, I heard Baby T saying happily, "Dream on!"
  • I showed Baby T her first Dora video today.  It's really good for her age--very interactive and engaging.
  • Baby T has recently decided that straps aren't her thing, whether in the minivan, the stroller, or her feeding seat.  At home, when I try to put her in the feeding seat, she insists on seating her kitty or other critter in the seat and asks for a sippy and cracker for her pal.  Then Baby T wants to sit in a big girl chair at the table (with lots of breaks for running around).  She has also taken to foraging in the kitchen for whatever she needs--straws, sippy cups, dishes from the dishwasher.
  • Baby T also loves (whenever I'm about to do something to her--put on pants, shoes, coat, put her in the stroller or car seat, etc.) to offer her pal first.  

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