Saturday, January 31, 2015


Why does there need to be a quarterly Latin project??????  Why?????

This is shaping up to be a very projecty spring term.  Some highlights:

  • major book report with poster
  • science fair (school and possibly regional)
  • Latin project
  • history fair
  • a costume or two for school plays to put together
And that's over roughly the next month.  Oh, and there's also spelling bee coming up.

My husband is the project guy (I mostly hang out with the baby and wring my hands from afar), but this is getting out of hand.  Good thing we are extracurricular minimalists. 

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xantippe said...

Actually, correction--the costumes are due later.

But it's still totally out of hand.

Katharine Beals' The Left-Brained Child has an excellent treatment of how projects are over-done.