Friday, January 16, 2015

Potty training?????

On Monday, Baby T said something that I've forgotten now that showed so much physical awareness that I decided to do a push for potty training.  Here's what's happened since then:
  • I pulled out two old potties.
  • I pulled out several potty books written for kids and ordered one more.  (As it turned out unnecessarily--there is a lot of overlap in thematics.  Two are enough.)
  • I bought an absorbent waterproof-bottomed machine washable bathmat from Bed Bath and Beyond and installed it underneath one of the potties in Baby T's carpeted bedroom.  (I've never had a child have a potty in their own bedroom, but the bathrooms are so far away from her room that it's going to have to be that way.
  • I bought some more flannel receiving blankets to use as covers for the machine washable bathmat.
  • I installed the other potty in our master bath.
  • I bought several packs of pullups with enticing designs.
  • I bought a Sesame street potty seat that goes on top of the grownup potty and installed it in the powder room downstairs.  (So, that's three officially-approved pottying stations for our Baby T.  I also own a couple of folding seats for use when out and about, but I haven't pulled those out yet.)
  • I purchased two step stools.  One is now in the powder room and the other is now in the master bath.  Baby T has already been enjoying her new freedom and independence with regard to being able to wash her hands.
  • Baby T has done easily a dozen potty visits so far, most of them on her initiative.  We spend our time either reading and rereading the potty books or just me singing "Wheels on the Bus," with Baby T suggesting verses.  (She'll say "cows" and I'll sing about how "The cows on the bus go moo, moo, mo, all through the town!")  I think that several verses of Wheels on the Bus make a good potty timer.  Rereadings of the potty books suggest that Baby T has a stronger and stronger grasp of at least the theoretical side of the subject. 
  • What about concrete results? you ask.  One successful pee.  That's all!  But we are prepared for success, if success is on the way.  I'm also thinking that once warm weather arrives, I can just have Baby T wear a t-shirt and pullup around the house.   

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