Monday, January 26, 2015

Great Escape

This morning I went into Baby T's room and discovered that she was running around the room, presumably having finally learned how to escape from her crib.  (My husband had sawed the legs off the crib months ago when she was first starting to try to get out, so it's not that far off the ground.)  She seemed to have been spending her time out of the crib this morning arranging her favorite stuffed animals near the door and rooting around in the diaper and pull-up stash.  I am pretty sure that she was thinking hard about getting on a fresh diaper (I think she had one in her hands when I came in), but with her pj zipper pull removed, she wasn't able to take off her clothes or get at her wet diaper.

I removed a number of items from her room, some less baby safe, some just annoying to deal with if she got into them.

In some order, we eventually need to do the following:

  • make it possible for Baby T to get in and out of bed.
  • new bed or maybe just twin mattress on floor?
  • switch over to 2-piece pjs so that she can easily use the potty when left alone in her room
The last item may take a while to get to, though, as Baby T is potty-interested rather than potty-trained.  


Sarah said...

Oh my! Mariette just started jumping out of her crib last week as well! I'm throwing her mattress on the floor now... and her crib will soon be gone.

Sarah said...
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