Thursday, January 8, 2015

Cookie houses

Here's some of what's happening:

  • We did a second round of cookie houses with some friends.  We wound up with a charming cookie house village.  After extensive cleanup (cookie construction is very messy), we took the inevitable photos.  I had the inspiration of bringing out some coconut flakes to make snow with.  Baby T ate cookies and watched.  
  • The big girls had an animated discussion critiquing the latest Hobbit movie.
  • The cafeteria is open again (for a little bit), deo gratias.  I told Baby T this afternoon that we'd be going to the cafeteria for dinner tonight.  "Pizza!" she said, in a gratified voice.
  • One of Baby T's new phrases (which she uses very frequently) is "put away."  It's always in the imperative.
  • The big kids are back in school!
  • During break, C had guitar once a week, two ukulele lessons, and daily (except Sunday) brief practice.  10 minutes is fine.  Also, I generally let c choose between practicing guitar and practicing ukulele.
  • Oh, and at C's second ukulele lesson, her teacher (who is also her guitar teacher), had her working on Scarborough Fair.  It's currently a reach, but I had the chance to discover that Scarborough Fair actually sounds surprisingly good on two ukuleles.    
  • I spent this morning with Baby T at school paying the tuition downpayment for the fall, doing a donation to the school capital fund, dropping off a couple of uniform pieces for sale and shopping in the used uniform closet (two pairs of pants for D for $12 total--yay!).
  • My husband had a birthday.  He baked a chocolate cake (the Hershey one) with chocolate frosting (with a little rum flavoring), plus coconut flakes on top.  Very good!!!!
  • I'm hearing that some fencing equipment purchases may be imminent.
  • D's birthday approaches.  It's in two months, but in mommy time, that's the merest blink of an eye.
  • Oh, and good news with regard to D's basketball.  The kids' school has mandatory team sports from 4-6 grade and D is a 4th grader, but we've just learned that the 4th graders are just going to play each other in scrimmages at school four times this term.  Yay!  This is really nice, because in previous years when C was in volleyball, we'd have to run her all over town almost once a week.  This is getting off easy.  

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