Sunday, January 11, 2015

Baby T's progress

Here's some of what Baby T has been doing (Baby T is now 2 years 3 months old):

  • She's just started having "conversations" with us that go on for several exchanges, rather than just an isolated exchange.  Her contribution is two or three words at a time.
  • Baby T loves asking for cat, dog or bird pictures or videos when I'm on my laptop.
  • Baby T is getting more and more skilled at going up and down the stairs.
  • She's a very good grocery store shopping buddy.  On the rare occasions when she's on foot, she will sometimes run over to produce and start grabbing it to load up into our cart.  She also is very helpful for choosing baby food.  (She used to eat 100% big people food, but then went on a fruit and veggie strike that led me to reintroduce baby food to preserve variety.)
  • Baby T is very particular about her clothing choices.  (I did overrule her for Christmas outfits and I do sometimes overrule her for Sunday, though.  She has some cute dresses I'd like her to get around to wearing.)
  • Baby T is going to parents' day out once a week, and has since just before she turned two.  We started with church nursery for Mass around 18 or 19 months.  This is the earliest any of ours have gone to group childcare, so it's a new experience.  (The big kids had way more babysitters at this age than Baby T, though.)
  • We are enjoying the space age amenities of our 2011 Kia (!) minivan:  a separate mirror for checking on baby and a DVD player (on longer excursions, ours is usually playing Star Wars or Our Neighbor Totoro).  The backup camera is also great for safety.
  • Baby T is a real planner.  When she knows she's going some place (like upstairs or to the car), she often scoops up a big armful of stuffed animals to take with her.
  • For some reason, she's particularly fond of the sippies with straws.  "Straw cup!" is a frequent request.
  • Baby T is suddenly very interested in her kitchen, toy pots and pants, tea set, and play food.
  • Baby T adores the Christmas tree and often demands that it be lit up.  
  • After her nap, I explained that we were going to the cafeteria for dinner.  "Pizza!" she replied joyously.
  • Baby T loves playing with C's Playmobil horse sets.  

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