Sunday, December 7, 2014

Post-Thanksgiving catch up

Here's some of what's happening:

  • C and D and I went to the West Coast for Thanksgiving (they get a whole week off from school) and we had a lovely weekend in Seattle with one grandma (Space Needle, glass museum and science center) and then we went to the Olympic Peninsula to see my family.  We had Thanksgiving with my grandparents, visited the farm, the store, and played lots of cards with family and friends.  We also discovered a creperie near the ferry docks in Port Angeles and had breakfast there one morning.  So amazing!  The Thai restaurant right next to it is good, too--they had lemongrass creme brulee and black rice pudding.
  • Baby T says, "Uh oh, kitty!"  It's apparently totally hilarious, even when I say it.  I have no idea where she gets that one--parents' day out?
  • Baby T and I were heading out for a morning outing and she said "babies see."  I'm not sure if that was "babies see" or "babies see?"  "Let's go see the babies!" is my usual code phrase for her for parents' day out.
  • We had a flood a few weeks ago (the water filter under the kitchen sink burst) and we are gradually putting our home together.  C's bedroom is the main problem now, as it still needs to be reassembled.
  • C took the SAT as a 7th grader yesterday!  She got her choice of restaurant for a dinner out and we have promised her one large item (in the $30-70 range), with the possibility of similar largesse if she scores well on her test.


Sarah said...

Wow! Pru is taking the SAT next month and is really looking forward to it. I hope that C had fun! I'm super impressed with Baby T's sentences! Mariette likes to say all of the holiday words on our walks (pumpkin, bow, tree, lights, etc.) but that's about it!

xantippe said...

That's great! We "incentivized" C for her SAT practice ($3 per math section, $2 per verbal) and got her some Playmobil horse stuff (the Advent horse calendar, etc.) and got to choose a restaurant to go out to that night. If she hits the 90th percentile on any of the test sections, we'll probably do something similar again. Hey, if you're going to bribe, bribe big.

C is having an awesome December.

Sarah said...

If it works, then that is what counts! Pru is enjoying studying without any incentives and I think it just seems like one big puzzle to her! She's pretty excited to take it, and for her I think it's the experience that will count. I doubt her scores will be that high...!

xantippe said...

I think the kids that the younger kids that C was taking it with were in a different room from the big kids and may have had longer breaks, which is nice. It was a LONG morning.

Still waiting for results...