Friday, December 26, 2014

Post-Christmas bargain shopping

D, Baby T and I went to our mega HEB the day after Christmas and scored the following:

  • two rosemary bushes ($5 each, formerly $20 each)
  • one box green Christmas tree cookies (.99)
  • baobab jelly ($2)
  • chunky papaya jam ($2, normally $6+)
  • Tabasco pepper jelly ($1.50)
  • three cans pie filling ($1.50 each, regularly around $3)
It was a very good haul.  We haven't had rosemary bushes since two houses ago and the kids (especially D) have been talking about getting into herb gardening again, so this brings us just a little closer to that goal.

Also, I got a couple cans of apple cranberry pie filling, which is one of my favorites and not always available.  

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