Friday, December 26, 2014

Too and Two

Here's some of what's happening:

  • Baby T has been using the words "too" and "two" appropriately.  She probably doesn't quite get that they are different words, but she's doing great with them.  She'll say something like, "monkey, too," to mean that the kitty and the panda are not enough--she needs the monkey, too.  I also think that she is starting to get the concept of the number two.
  • My husband snaked out a slow bath drain and a slow shower drain today--first time ever.
  • C has been faithfully practicing ukulele the last few days.  She has a nice little music library now.
  • We are coasting through December with no cafeteria--two more weeks of home cooking left before the cafeterias reopen.

Pingrey Bulletin

Dear Pingreys:

Are you familiar with BBC's Story of Maths?  We got the boxed DVD set for Christmas (which has a much longer running time than the one listed in the Wikipedia article, what with extra goodies) and we're working through the second episode in the evening with the kids.  So far, we've visited Egypt, Babylon, Greece, China and we're about to visit India, presumably to discover zero.

I get a little lost from time to time, but it's very exciting!

Post-Christmas bargain shopping

D, Baby T and I went to our mega HEB the day after Christmas and scored the following:

  • two rosemary bushes ($5 each, formerly $20 each)
  • one box green Christmas tree cookies (.99)
  • baobab jelly ($2)
  • chunky papaya jam ($2, normally $6+)
  • Tabasco pepper jelly ($1.50)
  • three cans pie filling ($1.50 each, regularly around $3)
It was a very good haul.  We haven't had rosemary bushes since two houses ago and the kids (especially D) have been talking about getting into herb gardening again, so this brings us just a little closer to that goal.

Also, I got a couple cans of apple cranberry pie filling, which is one of my favorites and not always available.  

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve

Here's some of what's been happening:

  • C had her very first private ukulele lesson yesterday with her guitar teacher.  She's going to have one more ukulele lesson over break, plus her usual guitar lessons.
  • This evening, C has been working through a ukulele chord book that I gave her.
  • Christmas Eve was more civilized than usual, seeing as how the presents were wrapped and the tree was brought in earlier this week.  We also did our grocery shopping last night, rather than today.  So much better!
  • By the way, Aldi's is a great place to do Christmas grocery shopping, because they have unusual items.  
  • Today is kind of a blur, but the big kids (with some help from Baby T) did nearly all of the tree decorating and hauled nearly all of the gifts downstairs to put under the tree.
  • We did oplatki.
  • My husband baked salmon with oregano, dried basil, Chinese ginger and turmeric.  It was very good.  I made mushroom soup from Campbell's and sliced in some fresh mushrooms.  Several members of the family loved it.  We also had garbanzo beans, naan from the store, brussel sprouts and some strawberries from earlier.
  • Then we opened presents.  One side of the family did entirely Star Wars and Star Trek themed gifts (Baby T now has some Star Wars pjs that she loves).  The kids also got to play with a mini-drone and a funny flipping robot toy from grandma and grandpa.  The kids got a lot of small items from us.  D got the set of Rook cards and fake jewels that he had requested (the jewels are for a hoard), as well as some sand castle molds.  C got a couple of "For Dummies" guitar books (Guitar and Guitar Theory).  The guitar theory book looked hard.  T got some new play doh and we regifted an old lion flashlight to her.  (Problem--the roaring when it lights up scared her.)  I got my husband the Ankh-Morpork board game based on the Disc World books.  He got me a big box of carefully-selected Torani coffee syrups.       

Thursday, December 18, 2014


Baby T, age 26 months, says "souffle."  (Panera's makes them and C and D love them, particularly the bacon one.)

Baby T also has been trying to say "gouda."

This is reminiscent of C at the same age, one of whose first several hundred words was "brie."

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas list

The kids recently wrote Christmas wish lists for me at my request.

Here is a lightly edited version of C's list (most of which she's not getting, by the way--it's the sort of stuff she can actually afford):

--fire/wind/earth Skylander
--frozen yogurt gift card
--fabric markers
--mask feathers
--Baby T hugs

I just noticed the last item.  Awwwww!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Three word sentences

Baby T is starting to routinely do three word sentences.

Post-Thanksgiving catch up

Here's some of what's happening:

  • C and D and I went to the West Coast for Thanksgiving (they get a whole week off from school) and we had a lovely weekend in Seattle with one grandma (Space Needle, glass museum and science center) and then we went to the Olympic Peninsula to see my family.  We had Thanksgiving with my grandparents, visited the farm, the store, and played lots of cards with family and friends.  We also discovered a creperie near the ferry docks in Port Angeles and had breakfast there one morning.  So amazing!  The Thai restaurant right next to it is good, too--they had lemongrass creme brulee and black rice pudding.
  • Baby T says, "Uh oh, kitty!"  It's apparently totally hilarious, even when I say it.  I have no idea where she gets that one--parents' day out?
  • Baby T and I were heading out for a morning outing and she said "babies see."  I'm not sure if that was "babies see" or "babies see?"  "Let's go see the babies!" is my usual code phrase for her for parents' day out.
  • We had a flood a few weeks ago (the water filter under the kitchen sink burst) and we are gradually putting our home together.  C's bedroom is the main problem now, as it still needs to be reassembled.
  • C took the SAT as a 7th grader yesterday!  She got her choice of restaurant for a dinner out and we have promised her one large item (in the $30-70 range), with the possibility of similar largesse if she scores well on her test.