Thursday, September 11, 2014


Here's some news:

  • C made baklava for Greek club (with a little help from me in pouring the spiced honey syrup).  They're talking about Herodotus.
  • C also made some little apple turnover thingies with sheets of phyllo.
  • I have mixed feelings on phyllo dough.  On the one hand, it's an interesting material to work with, but on the other hand, it tastes a lot like paper.  However, when drenched with spiced honey syrup and packed with nuts, it does redeem itself.  
  • C is pretty awe inspiring 
  • The kids have been fencing.  My husband has been checking out the college fencing club, as well.  If current rules apply in a few years, the kids will be able to go to the college fencing club at 15.  D LOVES fencing.  
  • Two parent education nights this week at school!
  • C is adjusting pretty well to the junior high/senior high building.  We have to get over there earlier than for the elementary school (about 10 minutes--a huge big deal for our sleepy family), but we're all coping. 
  • It's easy to forget about guitar practice with the flurry of homework activity and all the nightly activities, but C has been enjoying her music a lot lately.    
  • The weather is moderating.  The mornings are very pleasant and I think within a week, the whole day will be nice.
  • Baby T is a great little grocery shopper these days.  I try to get her one of the VROOM VROOM shopping carts that are shaped like cars and have steering wheels.
  • Baby T also walks really well holding hands.  
  • The cafeteria is great!!!!
  • D is in 4th grade now, which is a big transitional year at his elementary school.  They'll have kiddie physics and Latin.  
  • I'm looking into parents' day out for Baby T for one day a week (5.5 hours--it's like a school day, but shorter on both ends). 

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