Sunday, September 14, 2014


Here's some of what's happening:

  • We got a sitter last night (for the first time in nearly two years) and went out to see Guardians of the Galaxy.  Being out of the movie loop, we chose somewhat at random.  I like any movie that I get to sit in a theater and drink a $5 Diet Coke while watching, but you have to wonder about any film where a hyper-intelligent genetically engineered space raccoon and a walking tree carry the movie.  (Terrible, terrible villain--a metal hat and a big hammer are no replacement for an actual personality.)  Then we hit the grocery store for ice cream and went home to pay the sitter.  Outlay (tickets, $5 Diet Coke, $42 sitter, ice cream from grocery store:  about $70.
  • Baby T went to church nursery this morning.  This spring she'd been transitioning from crying constantly (and getting pulled out) to sitting koala-fashion on the nursery worker the whole time.  Today, several months after her last visit, there were a lot of kids there and Baby T was just fine.  As she arrived, she stepped out very confidently to check out the toys.  Next stop, parents' day out?  (Still working on those papers--the pediatrician still needs to give us some stuff.)
  • Baby T has a 2nd birthday coming on fast!
  • Both C and D have paddled independently in kayaks at the marina on the river.
  • C is doing very well with Scarborough Fair on the guitar.

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