Friday, September 26, 2014


Here's some of what's been happening:

  • Baby T and I met some friends at the zoo today.  Baby T loves animals right now, so it's perfect for her.  The main excitement was a preschool girl getting beaked by a large sea bird after getting too close to it. 
  • C had crochet club today after school.  She really likes it.  Yay, free school activities!
  • My husband and D went to a potluck tonight while Baby T, C and I went to C's guitar lesson and then did a little light grocery shopping.  (Note to self:  9PM not great time to take baby grocery shopping.) 
  • C is doing very well with her guitar.
  • I just discovered that there are free Sat. AM group guitar and ukulele lessons at guitar center!  Be still my beating heart!  (I believe they alternate an acoustic guitar lesson, a ukulele lesson and a bass lesson, so they don't offer all three every week.)  We're currently tied up, but in a month or so, I'm going to have to take C. 
  • We're fighting our way to the end of the month with a heavy schedule of activities, but all the optional stuff is stuff the kids like.  For October, we may drop fencing and lighten up guitar.  Likewise,  robotics and riding will be over for the term in mid and late October.    

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Don't make formula at home!!!!

Here is today's PSA message from Dr. Roy Benaroch.

Don't try to make "homemade" formula, moms!  Just don't do it!!!!

Saturday, September 20, 2014


I forgot to mention that Baby T and I went shopping for a backpack for her for parents' day out a couple of days ago.  We have a huge HEB with Walmart-like offerings, so we had our choice of about half a dozen baby backbacks.  After some reflection, Baby T chose a giraffe backpack.  She held onto it tight the whole way home.  

Parents' Day Out!

Here's some of what's happening:

  • We have plane tickets for some members of the family to travel to the West Coast for Thanksgiving!
  • My husband has been kept busy fixing bathroom fans and car stuff.
  • C has yet another pool birthday party tonight.
  • School is haaaaard, but the kids have been enjoying their extracurriculars, too.  They both do CCD (or CCE) and fencing.  D is doing a short weekly robotics thing and C is doing Greek club, guitar, horse riding and this week she went to crochet club at school.  (The Greek club and the crochet are free and hence particularly interesting.)  That's this month.  Next month, who knows what we'll do.  
  • C is also gearing up for science fair.  
  • D is reading LOTR.
  • Baby T has been enjoying riding along with me and C out to the ranch where C does her therapeutic riding.  There are lots of toys in the office and Baby T has been a very good girl.
  • Baby T is starting parents' day out this week and she'll be doing one day a week.  It's a short day (5.5 hours) but a big plenty for an almost-2-year-old (Baby T's birthday is in less than three weeks).  I cleared this with the pediatrician, who says that children this age are less prone to serious illness.  If Baby T gets sick too much, we'll pull her out and try again later.  I really need the time to do clerical, though:  papers, emails, phone calls, etc.  The amount of paperwork that big kids generate is simply phenomenal.  I hope Baby T will manage--she handled church nursery very well last week, which gives me a lot of hope.  I think that the playground and being around other 2-year-olds will be particularly enjoyable for Baby T.  C started morning preschool at 3 and D started parents' day out at 3 (first one day, then two days), so this is an early start for our family. 
  • Baby T loves walking around with monkey and IKEA kitty. 
  • The weather is lovely!  Even the warm, rainy, overcast days are great!

Sunday, September 14, 2014


Here's some of what's happening:

  • We got a sitter last night (for the first time in nearly two years) and went out to see Guardians of the Galaxy.  Being out of the movie loop, we chose somewhat at random.  I like any movie that I get to sit in a theater and drink a $5 Diet Coke while watching, but you have to wonder about any film where a hyper-intelligent genetically engineered space raccoon and a walking tree carry the movie.  (Terrible, terrible villain--a metal hat and a big hammer are no replacement for an actual personality.)  Then we hit the grocery store for ice cream and went home to pay the sitter.  Outlay (tickets, $5 Diet Coke, $42 sitter, ice cream from grocery store:  about $70.
  • Baby T went to church nursery this morning.  This spring she'd been transitioning from crying constantly (and getting pulled out) to sitting koala-fashion on the nursery worker the whole time.  Today, several months after her last visit, there were a lot of kids there and Baby T was just fine.  As she arrived, she stepped out very confidently to check out the toys.  Next stop, parents' day out?  (Still working on those papers--the pediatrician still needs to give us some stuff.)
  • Baby T has a 2nd birthday coming on fast!
  • Both C and D have paddled independently in kayaks at the marina on the river.
  • C is doing very well with Scarborough Fair on the guitar.

Thursday, September 11, 2014


Here's some news:

  • C made baklava for Greek club (with a little help from me in pouring the spiced honey syrup).  They're talking about Herodotus.
  • C also made some little apple turnover thingies with sheets of phyllo.
  • I have mixed feelings on phyllo dough.  On the one hand, it's an interesting material to work with, but on the other hand, it tastes a lot like paper.  However, when drenched with spiced honey syrup and packed with nuts, it does redeem itself.  
  • C is pretty awe inspiring 
  • The kids have been fencing.  My husband has been checking out the college fencing club, as well.  If current rules apply in a few years, the kids will be able to go to the college fencing club at 15.  D LOVES fencing.  
  • Two parent education nights this week at school!
  • C is adjusting pretty well to the junior high/senior high building.  We have to get over there earlier than for the elementary school (about 10 minutes--a huge big deal for our sleepy family), but we're all coping. 
  • It's easy to forget about guitar practice with the flurry of homework activity and all the nightly activities, but C has been enjoying her music a lot lately.    
  • The weather is moderating.  The mornings are very pleasant and I think within a week, the whole day will be nice.
  • Baby T is a great little grocery shopper these days.  I try to get her one of the VROOM VROOM shopping carts that are shaped like cars and have steering wheels.
  • Baby T also walks really well holding hands.  
  • The cafeteria is great!!!!
  • D is in 4th grade now, which is a big transitional year at his elementary school.  They'll have kiddie physics and Latin.  
  • I'm looking into parents' day out for Baby T for one day a week (5.5 hours--it's like a school day, but shorter on both ends). 

Monday, September 1, 2014


I somehow managed to schedule 5 days of extracurriculars a week for the month of September.  It all happened very innocently:  the therapeutic riding C has done for years, CCD for both kids, Greek Club at school for C (my husband will be volunteering with the club), fencing for both kids and guitar for C.  It's a little nuts.  But, on the other hand, it's not going to be like that all term--the riding is just a half term (with the possibility of more if we can manage) and we may drop the fencing and guitar by the end of the month.