Sunday, August 24, 2014


Here's some of what's happening:
  • Summer is over!  The kids are back in school!
  • C is a 7th grader now and is over at the junior high/high school building (it's a PK-12 school).  She has the full dignity of her own locker.  It's an 8 period day, 20 minutes longer than the 6th grade day, but she does have study halls in the morning.
  • C has an elective first period (study hall), a block of academic classes with everybody else in her grade, then a final 8th period elective that she has some freedom over (that's a little up in the air, as her first choice was cancelled for lack of enrollment).
  • There's going to be a Greek club!
  • D is starting 4th grade!  Latin!  Physics!
  • Extracurriculars are also up in the air right now.  We'll be doing CCD for both kids (at a different parish than the past 7 years).  We'd like for C to do therapeutic riding and weekly guitar and for both kids to do fencing, but we're currently figuring out the logistics for that.  
  • For reasons beyond our control, there's no PE for C this fall (complicated reasons having to do with C not being in official school sports and the school being small, so they can't afford both fall and spring PE for a tiny group of children).  That's kind of a pain, but we will try to compensate.
  • Baby T is talking a bunch and likes it.  She often makes funny comprehension mistakes--she thought that "fat" meant "cat" and that "on line" had something to do with lions.  She LOVES animals.  I have bought her clothes accordingly--she owns two cat shirts, a horse shirt, zebra pants and cheetah pjs.
  • Baby T is bummed out that the DVD player in the new-to-us minivan is broken.  She says "moo" for movies.
  • Baby T can make sad faces on command.  
  • Baby T was SAD to hear that mommy has no tail.
  • Baby T loves puzzles, but isn't yet up to doing jigsaw puzzles independently.    
  • Husband and C and D have been watching movies on our ceiling with the projector.
  • We now have a huge solid pine dining table from IKEA.  The old dining table (1998-2014) was set out on the curb and disappeared--it was simply not big enough for our family anymore, and certainly not for if we have any company.  I expect that the new table will dent up, being pine, but it is very generously sized--it's big without leaves, and with two leaves it's supposed to seat 10.  (We got the biggest brown-black Stornas table.)
  • The IKEA trip is totally different with a DVD player.  In fact, aside from driver fatigue, there's really no obstacle to our doing longer trips now.  
  • Furniture for D is next on the agenda.  Christmas?  We also will eventually be getting a larger leather sofa, probably in chocolate brown.    
  • C is still working at Scarborough Fair on the guitar.  She has also bought a ukulele with her own money and has been working at that, too.  I think D is softening up to the idea of music lessons.  


Sarah said...

Awesome! We have the same dining room tables now...! So glad to hear that the kids are doing great and that you are loving your new minivan. T sounds like such a great talker these days! Mariette has little use for words and finds that roaring like a lion gets her mostly what she wants. Take care!!

xantippe said...


I've been thinking about getting Baby T a lion suit for Halloween.