Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Swim and quilt

Here's some of what's happening:
  • This last week, the kids did a morning swim class and an afternoon quilting camp Monday-Thursday, C had guitar Friday and a rollerskating b-day party (for her 12th) on Saturday.  C graduated from the top swim class, so next summer one of our options for her is the junior lifeguard class (open to 11-15 year olds).  D is in the class just below the top swim level.  C also managed to finish her quilt (with some overtime from the very nice teacher), but D didn't, as he was sick and missed a day.  The hope is that he'll be able to finish up at home with C's help.
  • When we have the option, I've been scheduling C multiple guitar lessons in a single week.  It's still kind of up in the air whether she'll do guitar during the school year--C is not much for practicing spontaneously and her parents are not into nagging her into music practice.  C has been given notice that complaining about practicing or not practicing could mean no guitar lessons.  C is very good at guitar and her guitar teacher often praises her efforts, but it shouldn't require an act of Congress for her to practice 2 or 3 times a week for 10 minutes if she likes guitar.  
  • Between her swimming, her guitar and the sewing, C now has many skills I've never had.  (My swimming is good enough to keep me afloat, but it's a basic dog paddle.  C has actual strokes.)
  • We threw a roller skate/laser tag party for C's birthday on Saturday and had 14 kids--C and D, a bunch of C's girl classmates, and a bunch of siblings.  A number of C's classmates have siblings in D's class.  And there were several moms.  It went very smoothly.  Now that we have two vehicles, it was a snap managing the party and Baby T's needs.  Baby T came late with my husband, had some pizza, enjoyed the flashing lights and then went home for her nap.  I stayed and wrapped up the party and handed out coupons good for free rink admission.
  • One of the classmates' families has invited everybody to meet for more skating later in the week.  Yay!  
  • Some friends are packing up for a move to Ohio this week.
  • The kids are almost done with their scheduled camps and classes.  C is going to have a bunch of guitar and she's doing a half-day babysitting course (that I'm paying her to attend) and there's going to be a week or so around Vancouver, but that's essentially it.  
  • School is starting in less than a month...

Friday, July 18, 2014

Simcha Fisher on children cooking

Here is a cute piece by the lovely Simcha Fisher on children cooking.  My kids are somewhere in between her kids and the pork medallion kids.

Saturday, July 12, 2014


This week I somehow made it to a gym indoor cycling, aquacise and yoga class.  I used to just go and do the treadmill a lot or walk a lot, but my podiatrist is encouraging me to vary my exercise as much as possible and to avoid too much impact on the feet, so that's why I've done as many group classes this week as in my entire adult life.  That's probably not a pace I can keep up long term.

Interestingly, I've learned that C (who is interested in the aquacise) can join me as soon as she hits 5'.  One inch to go!

Sunday, July 6, 2014


Baby T had a trip to the zoo (zzz, she calls it).  She tried to say elephant, lion and snake.  She can hiss, kinda roar like a lion, oink like a pig and buzz like a bee.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Easter basket

Baby T was playing in C's room this morning.  Baby T found C's Easter basket in C's closet and hauled it out.  Then she found the plastic Easter eggs elsewhere in the room and put them into the basket.