Saturday, June 21, 2014


Here's some of what's happening:

  • My husband just finished teaching some computer game design courses for a camp.
  • The kids have one more week of their gifted camp.
  • C has one more fencing class and then a one month break.  She wants to continue and D may start then.
  • C didn't want to do guitar before her lesson today because she was afraid of her fingers hurting (it was going to be a 60 minute class).  I sat in on the lesson and the teacher shifted her between different exercises to keep her fingers from getting too much abuse.  C wanted to know how the electric guitar works.  C's fingering is apparently pretty good, especially for a second lesson and she sounds great (at least to my untrained ear).  She has one more 30 minute lesson next week and then we will decide what to do next.  Another month (4 lessons) would probably be fine.  I was also thinking that we could maybe set up a "guitar camp" with 30-minute lessons on consecutive days (4?) to maximize the impact.
  • We took a road trip to IKEA this afternoon (a birthday gift to me) and came back with a nice little haul of small household items.  There's a small table for Baby T's playroom that is going to be really cute.  Baby T also acquired a baby-safe stuffed panda there, and it was love at first sight.  The lemon gingersnaps are really good, too.
  • Baby T didn't nap at all today, despite two car trips. 

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