Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Getting ready for bed

Here's some of what's happening:

  • C got herself a Minecraft book with her mother's helper earnings.
  • D has been practicing his fencing footwork, as his is not quite good enough to join the class that C joined the previous week.
  • I was just getting Baby T ready for bed.  She was saying "no! no!" as she realized where we were headed, but then I asked her if there were anything she'd like to put in the bed for the night and she threw in a Brother Bear and a stuffed kitty and then lifted up her leg to try to climb in the crib.  At naptime today, she had three puzzles in her bed and was hoping to put in two more, but I figured three was enough.  
  • Baby T is showing more and more preferences for particular clothing items.
  • Baby T loves looking at internet pictures and videos of animals.  Zebras are a particular favorite.  Baby T is a bit down on cows, because she can't understand why they're not horses.

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