Sunday, April 20, 2014


I forgot to mention that Baby T is now saying No! a lot.  C was talking about picking her up this afternoon and Baby T said, "No!"  Other things Baby T says:

  • Heh! (horse--C has been brainwashing her)
  • Da (daddy?)
  • ma (mom?)
The family also thinks she is saying give! and maybe a word or two more.  She's used a lot of words over the past six months, but they come and go.  

She's very into connecting pictures in books with reality outside books.  So when I get to the monkey or the doll (two of her favorite critters) in a book, she's very likely to want to find and hold the item when I'm reading about it.  

She's also started to ID words for concepts that she's not crazy about.  For instance, I've seen her look unhappy when the word "change" was mentioned, and when I start singing the Our Father (her bedtime cue), I've also seen and heard her get unhappy, but also stick a thumb in her mouth and start tugging on her hair (a sleepy cue for our Baby T).  

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