Sunday, April 20, 2014

Bathroom project done!

Here's some of what's happening:

  • C did four academic events at our city-wide UIL and took three firsts and one sixth place.  Yay!
  • Our small bathroom project took all of Wednesday and then Thursday morning, so it was all done by the time Easter weekend started.  We are done and it looks great!  (We had a new toilet installed in D's bedroom and then had our master bath toilet area redone with a white fixture, white paint, and neutral vinyl flooring--plain and simple.)  The only drama came on Wednesday when we discovered that one of our two new toilets was broken in the box.  My husband got the store to give us a different one and we had it ready for the crew the next morning.
  • I talked to the contractor about redoing the master bath and he gave me an estimate of $8500-$9000 for doing the whole master bath and painting adjacent closets and doors.  For the master bath, I was thinking of putting in new cultured marble countertop, shower and bath (apparently that will suck up about $3500 just in materials), having the cabinets repainted, white paint everywhere, brushed nickel fixtures (and knobs, presumably) and then some charcoal wood look vinyl plank for the floor.  The contractor says a lot of people are using vinyl plank for baths these days.  He also suggested doing the lighting while we're at it, which hadn't really crossed my mind.  We might also want dimmable lights for the bath and maybe a timed fan.      
  • The big kids got a 4-day weekend for Easter.
  • On Holy Saturday, we got C a new Western shirt and cowboy boots for her horse show in May.  I got her new jeans earlier in the week.
  • We decided to give Baby T a reprieve from kinder kennel in honor of the Easter holiday and didn't go to the church with a nursery.  Next week, baby, next week.
  • We had our now traditional hard-boiled-egg-and-sausage sandwiches for lunch.
  • Baby T has spent much of Sunday afternoon wearing pink Easter pjs that I got on sale for about $5 that say "Daddy's Snuggle Bunny."  Awww.  
  • During Baby T's nap, the big kids dyed eggs.  They did 95% of the measuring and work.  C got some nice two-tone effects on one of her eggs.  We then had an Easter egg hunt in the backyard before dinner for all of the kids.  The purple plastic eggs with pictures of horses inside were set aside for Baby T to find.  The other eggs (which had chocolate eggs inside) were for the big kids.  Baby T managed to collect all of her eggs (with help) and also managed to snag one non-purple one that was sitting in a bucket of grilling charcoal.      
  • My husband also melted chocolate and molded various Easter critters for the kids, another family Easter tradition.  

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