Sunday, April 27, 2014


Here's some of what's happening:
  • We're trying to break in C's new cowboy boots in time for her big horse show.
  • At church this morning, Baby T was wanting to buckle her baby doll into Baby T's stroller.  (She does not have the dexterity, but it was clear what she wanted.)
  • When Baby T heard everybody saying, "Alleluia!" she was trying to say Alleluia, too.
  • D noticed Baby T trying to put a leg over her crib rail, so we were working on improving room safety today.  (Crib tents are now unavailable as they have been implicated in at least one death and some serious injuries.)  After some discussion, my husband sawed the legs off of the crib so that if Baby T vaults out, she will have a much shorter distance to fall.  (The flooring in her room is nice soft plush carpet.)
  • She napped just fine today in her sawed-off crib.
  • We were also rearranging the less baby-safe stuff in Baby T's room and my husband put some baby-proofing on one set of cabinets.  (We have lots more built-in cabinets in that room, but didn't have the necessary cabinet latches.) 
  • We did our board game club this past week after school and my husband taught the kids Chinese Chess.  We had 11 kids in attendance, which is very good.  
  • About a month of school left!

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