Monday, March 17, 2014

Wimping out on Marmoleum?

Here's where we are:

  • We saw our contractor this morning to explain the scope of the bathroom job:  take out toilet, take out bidet, paint, baseboards, put in vinyl flooring, etc.  This is the contractor that put the roof on our house and painted the big kids' rooms.
  • To recap, we are not doing a whole bath, just a small room with a toilet.
  • Our contractor thinks he can use the existing plywood subfloor and the existing baseboards (I was very concerned about the baseboards).
  • He told us to look for a 6x5 vinyl remnant at a particular flooring store in town.
  • We are awaiting a quote for the job.  He thinks it can be done in 4 working days and that he would be able to start within 7-10 days of us giving him the green light.  Ideally, I'd like this to happen during the school year, so the kids won't be underfoot.  
  • My husband and I managed a little outing this morning with Baby T.  Among other things, we went to Lowes and found a plain brushed nickel toilet paper holder (the previous one, which has already been removed, was a brass scallop pattern).  I was very pleased to discover that both my husband and I like the brushed nickel.  
  • After lunch, we went to the flooring store the contractor had recommended and got a remnant just a little larger than he had asked for.  It's a light/beigeish/grey tile pattern and we paid $35 plus tax.  I think it looks fine.  
  • I think we have all of the finishes chosen, with one important exception--the paint color.  I will have to talk to the contractor about his recommendations.  It's going to be a white of some kind, with some gloss in it so it can be wiped down. 
  • While we were in the flooring store, I saw a marble-look checkerboard flooring (in some sort of higher-end vinyl or laminate--not sure which).  It looks like it would be much easier care than the Marmoleum I've been thinking about.  It is $6.50 a square foot, and we have a lot of square feet to cover.  I mentioned the Marmoleum to the salesmen, and he thought that Marmoleum would be overkill for a non-commercial setting.  I still wonder how it will look next to hardwood, and how it stands up to moisture (for instance in the kitchen, powder room and laundry).  The checkerboard product I was smitten with comes from Karndean.  I should try to get a sample.        

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