Sunday, March 9, 2014


Here's some of what's happening:

  • We had a plumber in today for a leak that was coming through C's bathroom ceiling vent (!).  He said that they'll be able to troubleshoot it better when it dries a bit, so we're supposed to call them tomorrow.  It would be nice to have an answer already, but it does save us the double time billing for weekend work.  In the meantime, we're just closing off that bathroom, with occasional checks to see if the carpet is wet.  
  • The plumbing stuff started just as we were leaving, so my husband took all three (!) kids to church alone while I cleaned up and waited for the plumber.  Then they came home and I left for the Latin Mass at the same church while my husband gave the kids lunch, put Baby T down for her nap and waited for the plumber.
  • It's at times like this that having 3.5 baths comes in VERY handy.
  • I wonder if this episode is going to lead to our doing the master bathroom this summer instead of getting a minivan.  The bathroom is carpeted and this has been a helpful reminder of what a bad idea that is.  
  • There was a pinata after church today.  One of the Latin Mass-goers was giving a short talk about the symbolism of the pinata representing our battle with sin.
  • We went to IHOP for dinner.  Baby T had an enjoyable assortment of breakfast foods and then a run on a big nearby field and the opportunity to handle some large acorns under a burr oak (burr oak acorns are enormous).  Both C and D ordered crepes with cinnamon apple topping.
  • We're finally having cleaners tomorrow.  Yay!  They wouldn't come near us while we had chicken pox at home, but now it's gone and we can have somebody besides ourselves cleaning.  Yay!
  • This coming week is spring break and D's birthday.  We'll probably be spending much of tomorrow hanging out, waiting for the cleaners and the plumber, but we'll eventually escape.

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