Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Plumbing II

A second plumber visit revealed that the toilet has a major design flaw due to holes (vents?) in the rear of the tank.  Whenever the water level in the tank reaches those vents (which is really not very high), it floods slightly.  Evidence suggests that this has happened repeatedly over the years and has contributed to water stains downstairs and damaged baseboards in the bathroom.  The good news is this is all clean water.  After some discussion, I had the plumber remove the carpet and carpet pad and I've been letting the plywood underneath dry.  I didn't have a new toilet put in, as putting in new flooring will require resetting the toilet anyway (as far as I understand the process).  Oh, and the plumber told me that the toilet that caused all of this probably cost $1500 or $1600 (!) back when it was new.

We'll be talking to a contractor in a week that we've worked with previously.  My current thinking on this is that we should take out the purple (!) bidet, replace the purple toilet with a $200 white one that works, paint the toilet area (it's a small separate room, which does allow us to do just this bit and have it look OK), replace the baseboards and put in new vinyl flooring (sheet or plank).  The question is, how much will all of that cost?  Also, when we finally redo the bath, won't we have to redo the flooring to match the bath?  At this point, however, I'm just so excited about the idea of paint, new baseboards, a new white toilet and new flooring that that doesn't seem very important.  It seems like we could have a pretty large improvement in quality of life just by doing that one little room.

I've got a pretty good handle on the color scheme for the house (although I haven't nailed down the exact colors and products).  I'm thinking white walls, grey floors and a lot of chocolate brown furniture (leather sofa, dining room table, etc.).  That may sound a little stark, but I'm hoping that it will warm up once I add appropriate textiles with soft blues and rosy reds.

I guess we're going to do this house one itty bitty room at a time.


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