Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Children's museum and birthday

This morning, the kids and I went to the children's museum and did a travelling exhibit with a lot of great hands-on activities.  Both C and Baby T hugely enjoyed the stuffed horse with toy curry comb and they both spent a lot of time brushing the horse.  Baby T was mostly occupied with increasing the entropy in the exhibit.  I took the kids to Panera's for lunch after that.  It was D's birthday, so I kept pulling out gifts throughout the day.  The big kids spent much of the day assembling a great LEGO castle with working portcullis and drawbridge--a grandma gift, naturally.  They will probably finish tomorrow.  D's haul included a couple of checks (he got 20% in cash and 80% went to our Great Wolf Lodge fund), a red umbrella, some toy gold coins, the LEGO castle, Settlers of Catan, a book on castles, a real trowel for better beach expeditions (toy shovels are so flimsy!), some washable markers (those went to C), and probably something else I am forgetting.

During Baby T's nap, C took out her marzipan, dyed it green, and made two Minecraft creepers, one for her chum who is nuts about Minecraft, one a cake topper for D's large round two-layer chocolate store cake.  (The creeper facial features were formed with chocolate jimmies, an excellent choice.)  The first creeper is now in the freezer, awaiting the first Monday after spring break when it will travel to school.  C put the second one on the cake (there were lots of fears that it was going to tip over, but it didn't) and wrote Happy Birthday in icing on the cake.  We had silver birthday candles, which were very pretty.  We had the cake after dinner and Baby T had part of a slice, too.  I froze a bunch of the cake in slices.

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