Monday, February 24, 2014

Phases 3, 4 and 5

There are three more phases left to discuss.  These are much less disruptive, as they only involve bedrooms and bathrooms.

Phase 3

  • paint master bedroom and master bath white (covering up pink)
  • remove dirty pink carpet from master bedroom and master bath and replace with more neutral color (white or cream?) in bedroom and perhaps the grey-and-white checkerboard Marmoleum in the bathroom (if it is bathroom safe).
  • major renovation of master bath, replacing purple swirl vanity, built-in tub and shower and removing purple toilet fixtures and replacing with white  
Phase 4
  • paint kid baths
  • repaint kids' rooms if needed (we did it before moving in in 2013)
  • redo kids' storage
  • get D bed (captain's bed?) and desk
Phase 5
  • Paint and decorate Baby T room to taste (I believe in the magic of bedding and removable wall decals--you don't need more than that)
The only really intimidating item is the master bath renovation, but it's a doozie.

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