Monday, February 24, 2014

Phase 2 of renovation plan

Here's Phase 2, which is concerned with finishing up the kitchen and the laundry room:

  • replace mauve laminate countertops with marble laminate countertops and backsplashes in both kitchen and laundry room (we might eventually replace the marble laminate with some other surface)
  • paint laundry cabinets glossy white (they are currently a sort of dirty cream)
  • swap out older appliances for stainless (we currently have some stainless, some black and some white--too many colors!)
  • leave granite on island??? (It looks pinkish, but I'm hoping it will look much less pink when the pink Formica is gone)
  • switch out water lily ceramic cabinet knobs for brushed nickel or similar
  • What to do about kitchen cabinets?  They are currently a pinkish pickled late 80s/early 90s finish.  I'm thinking painting white, charcoal, dark blue, or doing a dark stain.  Conceivably, we could do two colors, for instance, charcoal lower cabinets and white upper cabinets (it sounds weird, but actually looks great) and is probably a lot easier to keep looking nice).
The flooring will already have been taken care of by Phase 1.

One quandary I have is that we have gold tone door knobs and fixtures everywhere.  How many of these do we need to replace with brushed nickel or at least something non-gold?  Fortunately, it's not a super high pressure issue, as my husband could easily do that himself. 

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