Tuesday, February 4, 2014

February update

Here's some news:
  • We and the big kids recently watched all 5 hours of The Deluge (Potop), which is about sin and repentance and the successful Polish response to a Swedish invasion.
  • Baby T loves her reflection.
  • Baby T loves brushing her teeth (and she has so many of them to brush!).
  • Baby T has been toting her baby doll around for weeks now.  She may be saying "dah" for dolly.  
  • C took 2nd place at a school-wide spelling bee.  A 7th grader took 1st.  C is going to the regional round.  Yay!
  • Our temperature variations have been extreme.  A couple days ago, we had a large roach (a traditional local harbinger of spring) show up in our living room, but a recent 10 day forecast predicted 6 days with lows in the 20s.
  • History fair approaches...I just ordered a leather (or faux leather--not sure which I got) jacket for C to wear as Amelia Earhart.  My husband has already ordered an aviator's cap and some goggles and I think we can find her a scarf.  D is going to be a medieval mathematician, and we need to make (i.e. C needs to make him) a cloak.    
  • We (or mainly my husband) had a huge household maintenance day on Saturday.  He put in baby gates on Baby T's doorway and the top of the stairs, changed some light bulbs, changed HVAC filters, and put in the new convertible car seat.

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