Sunday, February 23, 2014


I've been wrestling with the question of what to do with our pink-veined white marble-look tile flooring in the entry, hallway, laundry, powder room and kitchen.  The problem is 1) that we want a softer material with some flex in it 2) the tile runs right into some hardwood in the living room.  I hesitate to put a wood-look or stone-look vinyl right next to actual hardwood or in the entry (I think it wouldn't be bad at all elsewhere).  On reflection, I'm thinking that a checkerboard vinyl might be just the thing.  We probably wouldn't do black-and-white, but I think charcoal-and-white or light grey-and-white might be very subtle.  (Theoretically, beige-and-white might be OK, but charcoal is nice, and I feel like we'll have a lot of beige and brown elsewhere.  Blue-and-white is probably too much, but it might be OK in just a kitchen.)  The nice thing about checkerboard vinyl is, it won't look fake.  It will look like genuine checkerboard vinyl.

My husband tells me that 2016 is our very earliest possible renovation date, and it will probably be later.  We would be painting the downstairs (but not the bedroom or full bath), replacing the tile with the checkerboard vinyl, replacing carpet on the stairs and upstairs hallway, and putting new wallpaper in the powder room.  There would be some other odds and ends, but that would be the bulk of it.  

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