Tuesday, January 21, 2014

First world problems

Here's some of what's going on:

  • This is a bit of a first world problem, but I am sad to see that the antique/knick knack store downtown that I had been hoping to buy a new reclaimed wood dining room table from is now closed, with no sign on the door or forwarding address.  Bummer.  I am hoping I can find the people and order a table from them, as their price ($1,000 for an 8-foot long table made from solid hardwood planks reclaimed from old buildings) was very attractive, as was their product.  I really like the idea of a big farmhouse table.   
  • I think I heard Baby T saying, "Up!" earlier today.
  • I also think that Baby T was expressing displeasure and dismay after hearing me mention a diaper change and also after hearing me mention a nap. 
  • She now puts up more of a fight when we try to remove objects from her grasp.
  • Baby T loves walking around with her baby doll.  She holds it correctly, as my husband pointed out to us.
  • Baby T loves C's stuffed horses, in all sizes, but particularly the enormous stuffed horse that she enjoys riding.  As C points out, Baby T used to be terrified of the huge stuffed horse.
  • Baby T enjoys being read to.  Her mother especially enjoys rhyming boardbooks with few words per page.
  • I'm on Day 2 of a modified version of my diabetic diet.  I'm having trouble finding shoes that fit properly, so any serious exercise is pretty much out until I have a chance to see my podiatrist.  It's probably a sign of creeping middle age that I start as many sentences as I do, "My podiatrist says..."     

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