Tuesday, December 24, 2013

OK visitors

We just had a visit from some friends of the blog this Sunday and Monday.  It's a family with six kids ages 11 on down to an infant and currently living in OK.  We played at home, had dinner at Panera's, came back home and made cookie houses.

Cookie houses are a Christmas tradition in our family.  We did one several years ago, based on a recipe in an old-time kids' cookbook (gifted, coincidentally by that very same family years ago), and C decided from that point that that was our Christmas tradition.  We have done cookie houses every year since, occasionally with visiting kids.  This year's cookie houses were constructed with chocolate-flavored wafer cookies (always a good brick substitute) stuck together with cream cheese frosting (store-bought).  We also had Fig Newtons (excellent roof tiles), Oreos, green-frosted sugar cookie trees for landscaping, animal crackers and spicy gum drops (good for chimneys).  D built a cookie castle.  One of our visitors built something reminiscent of Falling Water and a consortium of bigger girls cooperated on a larger building, but struggled with the engineering problem of how to put a roof on it.

In the morning, we met our friends at the children's museum and did the bulk of the exhibits.  Then we had lunch (good, but terribly served) at a Thai restaurant downtown, saw a historic bridge downtown and didn't fall into the river.

Have a good trip!    

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