Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve, as always, is very busy.  Today, we did last-minute grocery shopping, wrapped presents, decorated the tree and made a holiday dinner.  The big kids did the bulk of the tree decorating and as we've done the last few years, the big kids helped wrap gifts for other people.  My husband made a cheesecake (a sort of Eastern European-ish version made with ricotta and a shortbread crust) and grilled salmon on our George Foreman grill.  We also had sweet potatoes, broccoli and cauliflower, baby carrots and grape tomatoes.  The salmon cooks lightning fast on the grill and is OK.  (The grill is a bear to clean up, though.)

We opened presents and Baby T carried around the farm animal dishes she got from grandma.  I'm a little confused as to who gave us what and what was intended for whom, as everything comes from Amazon and there weren't a lot of gift notes, but I have some guesses.  We gave C a new bicycle and D got a Star Wars origami set from somebody as well as a cardboard castle play house.  I had gotten Baby T a lovely little red corduroy party dress from Old Navy and she toddled around in it while we opened gifts.  We also have a new red table cloth and matching napkins, which is very bright and Christmasy.

After gifts, we had cheesecake topped with cherry pie filling.  The recipe has a lot of eggs in it, and so with one thing and another, it actually tastes a lot like yellow cake or bread pudding.  It is very good, but it isn't what we think of as "cheesecake."  Baby T had some, and she was licking the crumbs off her fingers.    

So tired!

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