Sunday, November 17, 2013

Walking well

Here's some of what's happening:

  • C has a mild fever.  Poor C.  
  • D has his pull-up bar installed in his doorway now, so he can (under supervision) do all sorts of neat gymnastic stunts.
  • We walked across campus to and and from church today, with time-outs for frisbee tosses and bubble blowing.  It probably requires about 35 minutes one way with all of us walking none-to-briskly.  We had lunch at a cafeteria on the way back and they had FRENCH TOAST (we take French toast very seriously at our house).  Baby T ate 1.5 French toasts all by herself and then had a huge nap once we got home.     
  • Baby T is walking very well and has adopted walking as her default transportation mode.  She might crawl, but just for speed (for instance if a normally forbidden door or gate opens up and she has limited time to get through it).
  • Baby T can bend down from standing and pick up a toy.
  • Baby T is suddenly interested in her Little People and finger puppet animals, in the names of the animals and what they say.  She often hands us animal toys and asks us to name them.    

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