Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sunday update

Here's some of what's happening:

  • The kids trick or treated at the dorms as a ninja (C) and a knight (D) earlier in the week.  Then they went to a party at the Catholic student center as St. George with dragon (D--we have lots of stuffed dragons) and a Japanese martyr (C--who owns a kimono costume).  The pastor (who is Chinese-American) was a Chinese martyr.  The Catholic student center encourages edifying costumes.  Later, both C and D trick or treated in the neighborhood both as ninjas.  Why, yes, we do own a lot of dress up stuff.
  • We had only one set of neighbors as trick or treaters and then one pair of older trick or treaters in scary costumes that I just gave a (hopefully) friendly wave to and didn't open the door to.  It was 10:40.  In my book, trick or treating ends at 9 sharp.  
  • The kids have been enjoying a three day weekend.
  • Our dryer is acting up, we've had a repair guy twice, and we're expecting a part on Monday or Tuesday.  Also, our kitchen faucet is leaking.  I'm hoping life will be much better starting Monday or Tuesday.  
  • The big kids are suddenly big into Minecraft.
  • My husband told Baby T to go get a book.  Baby T crawled off to get it, saving "give" to herself, but once she got to the book, she got stuck looking at it and forgot her mission.  And this is why 12-month-old babies do not get tapped for Navy Seal duty.
  • Baby T now often repeats things she hears.  She indicated to my husband that she wanted the word for the TV.  He told her "TV" and she repeated, "TV."
  • Baby T can take up to 10 steps at a time.
  • The kids often beg to have Baby T on their laps at church by miming a rocking cradle motion.
  • Yesterday Baby T lifted up a light baby chair while standing on her two little feet.
  • Yesterday, the kids were doing BB gun target practice at Cabela's.  All the taxidermied critters made C sad. 
  • Thanksgiving approaches!      

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