Sunday, November 10, 2013

36 hours

Here's some of what's happening:

  • It's been 36 hours since I last nursed Baby T.  She seems to be holding up very well.  I'm feeling uncomfortable, but I slept OK.
  • Baby T still hasn't taken to cow's milk.  She loves her yogurt (Brown Cow's plain cream top) and cheese in pizza and grilled cheese and quesadillas, but she doesn't like cow's milk yet.  I'm trying to give her a taste or two from a sippie every day, in the hope that she will change her mind.  C and D drank huge quantities of cow's milk from a bottle, but that's not ideal, either.  (Baby T is going straight from the breast to the sippie cup.) 
  • At bedtime, I've been sticking a sippie with a little water in the corner of Baby T's crib.  Last night, Baby T grabbed the sippie from the corner and tucked it under her arm as she lay down, which was very promising.  Now, generally speaking, stuff that is put into her crib with her tends to go flying out pretty fast, but this morning when I came to get her, she was holding onto the sippie and the blankets were still there (damp, but there).     
  • Baby T gets excited whenever I show her a little mandarin.  
  • The big kids went to a skating party yesterday and then got to use their scooters for the first time in a very long time for a long walk to the cafeteria last night (the scooters went on hiatus when we were living in an apartment).

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