Friday, October 18, 2013

C works on her dress project

Here's some of what's happening:

  • After school, I took C to the quilt shop with her unfinished dress project (she missed 3/5 of the course due to illness) and C worked on it with a quilt shop lady for over 90 minutes.  If we can get in one more session, the quilt shop lady thinks C will finish.  Yay!  C has had the pieces in a box for the past three months.
  • During C's dressmaking, D and Baby T and I walked around the strip mall plaza.  We went to the Halloween store and D LOVED pushing the buttons of creepy animatronic ghosts and zombies.  Baby T was scared, though.  She hates near-human things that aren't human (like a decorative scare crow at the cafeteria). 
  • We went to the departmental potluck tonight.  My husband made pumpkin muffins.  He frosted half of them, which transformed them into cupcakes.  Baby T did a bunch of walking practice at the potluck.  I think she was doing 4+ steps at a time.

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