Monday, October 21, 2013

Big weekend

Here's some of what's been happening:

  • On Saturday, my husband and the big kids went to a parade on campus (briefly) and then he took C to her riding lesson.  D, Baby T and I walked to a hair appointment for D.  C finished her dress at a sewing machine store in the afternoon.  Later in the afternoon, we went to confession, bought shoes for D, had dinner at a Harley-themed burrito place and then in the evening, my husband put a new alternator into our car.  Big day.
  • Baby T had her 1 year doctor's appointment this morning.  She is 21 pounds 7 oz. and 29 inches long. Poor Baby T got four routine vaccinations today, a flu shot and a blood draw, for a total of six sticks.  Ow!
  • Baby T has been doing up to six steps.  She is more and more confident with her standing, but she'll often get down and crawl when it's more convenient.
  • Baby T has been enjoying her Very Hungry Caterpillar Book.  In fact, one week after getting it for her birthday, it is already noticeably chewed and bent (this is our second copy of the book).  She has been asking to have it and a Lord's Prayer book read to her, but she does tend to lose interest mid-way.  With the caterpillar book, though, it is clear that she is eagerly anticipating the butterfly page at the end, which is a big favorite with Baby T. 
  • I am continuing to wean Baby T.  I have a very exact schedule to help with tapering down and am trying to cut down at least 2 minutes every day.  I'm still breastfeeding just over 30 minutes a day, split between about 4 feedings.  Hopefully, we'll be down to 3 in a few days.  The trickiest part will be when it is time to drop the bedtime feeding, as up to now, I've been mostly just nursing Baby T to sleep.           

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